Monitoring Earth Pits

A monitoring system for earth pits used in electrical systems to ground and protect against electrical hazards. It provides real-time data and alerts for pit resistance, grounding, and continuity, helping ensure electrical safety and compliance with regulations.


Key Features

Earth E5 is a cutting-edge IoT-based sensor from Innvendt that provides critical information about your electrical infrastructure's earthing system. By monitoring key parameters such as leakage voltage and the resistance of the earth pit via its innovative DeltaR algorithm, Earth E5 provides an unprecedented level of detail about the health and performance of your electrical infrastructure's earthing system.

IoT-based Sensor for
Earthing System Monitoring

Leakage Voltage Monitoring

Earth Pit Resistance Monitoring via DeltaR Algorithm


CEGMA Earth E5 offers a more streamlined and efficient approach to earth pit monitoring compared to manual or legacy processes.

Monitor Earth Pit

Automatically monitor earth pit resistivity and integrity in real-time.


Receive alerts if resistivity levels fall below safe thresholds, enabling timely remediation and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.


Track the performance of earth pits over time, helping to identify patterns and potential issues before they become critical.


Generate detailed reports and analytics, providing a clear picture of earth pit performance and enabling informed decision making.


Automatically schedule maintenance and testing, reducing the risk of missed inspections and ensuring earth pits are always in good condition.

  • Improved asset management
  • Enhanced safety and compliance
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Real-Time monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Customers



    Hindustan Petroleum
    Corporation Limited

    "Its critical to have this system. We could not realise how much we needed data from the CEGMA™ Earth sensors until we had it. The early warning alerts enabled us to protect critical networking infrastructure from failing"

    Aditya Birla Hindalco

    "I am very pleased with CEGMA Earth E5 and find it to be an excellent tool for equipment reliability maintenance. The predictive maintenance capabilities have greatly improved the life of our electrical equipment, and the real time monitoring of earthing is particularly crucial. Thank you for providing such a useful and effective product"