DontStop - Multimodal, Enterprise-Ready Access Control for Industrial Facilities

Experience the breeziest access control with DontStop. Our cloud-based solution offers multimodal access and enterprise-ready features, tailor-made for Oil & Gas, Heavy manufacturing facilities, Data Center operations, and Warehouses.

Key Features

DontStop is specifically designed for industrial facilities. Our system offers multimodal access - through a mobile app, proximity, and hands-free - making it versatile for a variety of use cases. With enterprise-ready features like role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-site key management via the cloud, DontStop is the perfect fit for Oil & Gas, Heavy manufacturing facilities, Data Center operations, and Warehouses.

Full Stack Solution

Hardware, Cloud Management Software, Mobile Apps

DontStop is a full stack solution, providing everything you need for efficient and secure access control. Our offering includes robust hardware, intuitive cloud management software, and user-friendly mobile apps.

Greenfield and Brownfield Enabled

DontStop is designed to be flexible and adaptable, making it suitable for both greenfield and brownfield projects. Whether you're constructing a new facility or looking to upgrade the access control in an existing one, DontStop can be seamlessly integrated

Multimode Access

Mobile App


Experience the convenience and security of DontStop, the ultimate multimodal, enterprise-ready access control system for industrial facilities. Streamline your access management, enhance security, and optimize operations with our comprehensive solution.


DontStop is designed for businesses. Our system supports role-based access control (RBAC), allowing you to manage access based on user roles. Manage keys for multiple sites easily with our cloud-based system.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep an eye on your premises in real time. Monitor who is entering or leaving your facility at any given time.


DontStop can be integrated with your existing systems for a seamless experience.

Audit Trails

Keep track of all access events for compliance and security purposes.

Multimodal Access

With DontStop, access your premises using a mobile app, proximity, or hands-free. Choose the mode that best suits your needs.