Monitoring Electrical Assets

A GIS-based platform for managing and monitoring electrical assets, including transformers, electrical panels, and other components of your electrical infrastructure


Key Features

AssetVision is a powerful searchable GIS dashboard that gives you complete visibility and control over your electrical infrastructure. With its ability to integrate real-time sensor data, AssetVision provides a comprehensive view of your plant's electrical health, allowing you to make informed decisions, improve your operations, and keep your employees and assets safe.

Searchable GIS Dashboard for Electrical Infrastructure

One-stop Dashboard for IoT sensor-based of all Electrical Assets

Digital Layout Map for the Plant's entire
Electrical Infra


AssetVision is designed for plant managers, electrical engineers, and maintenance personnel who want a better way to manage and monitor their electrical infrastructure. Whether you're a car manufacturer, oil and gas refinery, steel plant, or another type of industrial site, AssetVision has you covered.

Asset Management

Easily track, monitor, and manage all your assets in real-time, including their location, condition, and maintenance history.

Work Order Management

Automate work order creation, tracking, and completion to ensure that tasks are performed efficiently and effectively.

Inspection and Auditing

Conduct inspections and audits more efficiently and effectively, with the ability to collect and analyze data from multiple sources in real-time.

GIS Mapping

Visualize your assets and infrastructure in real-time with GIS mapping, including satellite imagery and real-time data feeds.

Compliance Tracking

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by tracking and reporting on key compliance metrics, such as safety checks, training records, and audits.

  • Improved asset management
  • Enhanced safety and compliance
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved asset utilization and maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance for proactive management
  • Customers



    Dalmia Bharat Cement

    "CEGMA AssetVision has completely transformed our approach to asset management. The GIS view of our plant area, especially our electrical infrastructure, is something we never imagined we needed. We are thoroughly impressed with this tool and its capabilities, and we plan to implement it across all our plants in the future."